Self Advocacy

HPIM1344Learn about your rights and possibilities with Cape May Self Advocacy Council 5!

We are looking for new enthusiastic members, to make our voices heard .

Self Advocacy is a group that meets once a month . We discuss current issues and problems that affect the lives of people with disabilities, in their every day life. We sponsor events that bring attention to quality of life of people with disabilities, as well as social recreation. We try to make non disabled people aware of our feelings and every day struggles to better understand our lifestyle. We try to find solutions to community access that concern us.

We need new fresh ideasĀ  on how to venture our cause in the community and need your input.

So contact the Arc office if you want to change the way you are seen and heard in your community! We meet on the last Tuesday of every month at 4:30 at The Arc Training Center in Rio GrandeĀ (for directions click here)

Become a member today. Hope to see you and together we can make a difference !