Give $5 on 5/5

With the stay at home order for New Jersey in effect indefinitely, our dedicated staff members are working around the clock to ensure that those that we care for continue to receive the highest quality of support. The Arc of Cape May County is adapting to serve in new ways to ensure their health and safety, but this extension of time requires us to bring in additional resources to continue to safely deliver these services.

We have set a goal of $5,000 that will go towards upgrading our technology in our group homes to enhance access to remote healthcare options. To reach our goal, On May 5, The Arc of Cape May County will join organizations and communities across the globe to celebrate Giving Tuesday Now! This is a day to promote civic responsibility and giving in response to COVID-19.

On Tuesday, we will be launching “Give $5 on 5/5,” where we asking you, and everyone, to donate $5 to The Arc of Cape May County and challenge 5 other friends/family members to match their donation.
The goal is that if even half of our online community does this, we will be able to meet our goal and get the much-needed equipment to continue care.

Help us spread the word on why these services are essential for your loved one. Here are ways for you to participate on May 5:

  • Donate $5! It is a small ask, but by donating you can ask/challenge people to match your donation. Send out your own message with a picture of you and your loved one!
  • Spread the word!! Share our posts on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts!
  • Take a picture! Hold up a $5 bill to get people excited to join your efforts! Tag 5 people and challenge them to match your support!
  • Become a #GivingTuesdayNow ambassador for The Arc of Cape May County. Visit our website and download and share the social media images so people can see your support.

Remember to tag both The Arch of Cape May County and use the hashtag #GivingTuesdayNow in your posts so we can recognize you for your efforts.

With the end of this pandemic likely weeks or months away and the ongoing need for technology, now, more than ever before, we need your help.

Thank you in advance for the many ways that you support our efforts and ensure individuals with disabilities can continue to thrive in Cape May County.

Questions? Please contact Alex Coll at 609-602-5083 or

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