Provide homes in the community for people with developmental disabilities. Residential programs include group homes and supervised apartment settings. All residents receive on-going training in daily living and social skills. The role and purpose of staff will be that of helpers or assistants to residents, not persons of authority. Residents will be encouraged to make decisions with staff assistance in order to cultivate independence.

Following are services and a few areas of skill building utilized in the programs identified thereafter;-Employment – off site- Money Management – on and off-site-Vocation Training – off site-Therapeutic and Counseling – on and off-site-Religious and Educational – off-site-Transportation – on and off-site-Visitation – on-site-Guardianship – off-site-Behavior Management – on-site-Emergency and Fire Safety – on-site-Specialized Training and Care – on-site-Socialization and Skill Development – on and off-site They are encouraged to utilize community resources and to participate in community activities.Referrals for residency in The Arc Cape May programs are received through the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities. They include adults and young adults from community families and from state developmental centers.

Contact Robin Watson, Residential Director at 609-861-7100 x122 or