Employment and Day Habilitation Program


Our Crew Labor Work program is designed to help individuals with I/DD learn appropriate work skills by providing a variety of valuable services to the community under direct supervision of trained staff. Strong work ethic and personal responsibility are stressed and opportunities to pursue competitive employment are gained through improved proficiency and aptitude. Crew Labor is a viable, competitive business offering lawn care and leaf raking to residents and business establishments in the community. If you are interested in becoming a customer, contact Bob Volrath, Employment Program SupervisorĀ at 609-847-2891 orĀ crewlabor@arcofcapemay.org


The Whittington Daybreak program offers individuals with more intensive medical needs an opportunity to remain active and engaged in the community throughout the day. Staffing ratios and a licensed nurse provide appropriate supports to ensure health and safety, yet allow for day trips and activities in the surrounding area to promote independence and learning experiences. For further information, contact Nina Broadnax, Day Program Supervisor at 465-2720, prompt 6 then 2 or nina@arcofcapemay.org