The Arc of Cape May County Volunteer Program serves many purposes. It provides volunteer members of the community with a realistic perception and positive understanding of individuals with developmental disabilities. It exposes them to the current philosophies surrounding developmental disabilities. Volunteers also have the opportunity to engage in meaningful work while contributing to the community. Volunteers are able to share their skills, expertise, and hobbies with the residents and staff.

The Arc benefits from volunteers as they provide various supplemental services. The volunteer’s valuable assistance to staff provides opportunities for residents to receive specialized training.Volunteers can assist residents to build upon already learned skills or learn new ones. Volunteers can also provide individual attention to those residents not having visits from family or friends.

Not all volunteer positions have resident interaction. Volunteers wishing to provide services without directly interacting with the residents can provide assistance with other activities, such as fund-raising, workshops, clerical assistance, property upkeep, Thrift Shop operations, etc.
The Arc values its volunteers and wants to ensure success of the program. Volunteers will have the opportunity to attend an in-service program providing a history of the agency, our philosophy and other topics that will enrich the volunteer. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to attend other agency training that may be of interest if they so desire.
All potential volunteers will have the opportunity to speak with the Human Resources Director to discuss volunteer activities. They will be provided with a description of the volunteer program, the many different volunteer choices within the agency, and an application.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at The Arc of Cape May County, contact our Human Resources Director, Brian Sacco, at 609-861-7100 x 128 or brian@arcofcapemay.org