Staff Directory

Leslie Long
Executive Director
609-861-7100 x119

Sarah Matthews
Director of Operations
609-861-7100 x118

Barbara Marchiano
Director of Finance
609-861-7100 x129

Brian Sacco
Human Resources Director
609-861-7100 x128

Sarah Steinbacher
Compliance & Quality Improvement Director
609-861-7100 x125

Robin Watson
Residential Operations Director
609-861-7100 x122

Beth Hamilton
Program Director
861-7100 x121

Lisa Shaw
Residential Operations Director
609-861-7100 x120

Michael Holmes
Program Director
609-861-7100 x111

Darlene Jones-Cheeks
Respite and Family Support Director
609-861-7100 x123

Kristian Schena
Director of Employment and Day Programs

Barbara Doell
Health Care Coordinator
609-861-7100 x124

Joseph Dumas
Behavior Specialist
609-861-7100 x131

Mary Ann C. Alulis
Training Director